Denny Prokopos Seminar at 10th Planet Melbourne

On Tuesday May 30th Denny Prokopos (Eddie Bravos first 10th Planet Black Belt, 3x World Champion, EBI 2 Lightweight Champion) took a 2 hour seminar at 10th Planet Melbourne.

Four of us from 10th Planet Hobart jumped on a plane Tuesday morning and flew to Melbourne for which was to be an awesome evening with a whole bunch of friends and training partners from all over Australia.

10th Planet Hobart's Nat & Jem with Jiu Jitsu Champion DENNY PROKOPOS

10th Planet Hobart's Nat & Jem with Jiu Jitsu Champion DENNY PROKOPOS

Fresh of a 10 day Jiu Jitsu Supercamp in Singapore teaching alongside 10th Planet Master Eddie Bravo and Black Belts Sean Bollinger and Rick Marshall at Evolve MMA, Denny was on fire teaching some of his favorite techniques.

Denny got right into it, starting the seminar with some Jean-Jacques Machado-esque Butterfly Sweeps into some of his personal favorite attack positions and Submissions that included setups for Armbars, Triangle Chokes and a Rear Naked Choke as well as finishing details on all three submissions.

Denny has an incredible eye for detail as well as structure and a bio-mechanical approach to breaking an opponents posture and reacting to an opponents unbalanced movements to create a higher percentage offensive maneuver, which as a Jiu-Jitsu nerd I can totally appreciate.

Concluding the seminar there were also 5 new Blue Belts awarded by Frank Barca to some very deserving students from 10th Planet Melbourne including Frank Barca's 16 year old son Ondre who has been training and competing since he was quite young.

Congratulations to James, Adam, Ben, Henry and Ondre on their promotions! 

This was the second time in only a year that Denny has Traveled to Australia to spend some time on the mats at 10th Planet Melbourne. If you ever get a chance to attend one of Denny's seminars or have a chance to learn from him, jump at the opportunity, there is no wonder why this guy travels the world teaching. 

Jeremy Frankcombe (Jem)